Staying Afloat: DIY Wooden Buoys

DIY projects can really show how creative we all are. They also can say a lot about people by the type of project and colours that we choose to how patient or inpatient we are by the steadiness of our hand or the rush of a brush stroke. As I stare out my front window at the thaw of the winter almost behind us, I begin to think of the crafts and projects that I want to do for the summer ahead. I usually start by thinking about what craft projects I completed last year, is there anything on my list that I didn’t complete or that I loved so much I would want to do again this year. One project that comes to mind that I thought was worth sharing, is the wooden buoys that I made last year out of leftover 4×4 fence post. Last year we had had to replace a section of fence and Paul had some leftover fence posts. Once Sunday morning I was surfing Pinterest and came across wooden buoys and thought to myself, I can do this and it will look so good by the pool.

Wooden buoy


Here is what you will need:

  • 1 4×4 post, skill saw, 120 grit sand paper, acrylic paint, paint tape, paint brushes, number stencil, drill, decorative rope

How to make the wooden buoys

  • Cut wood into blocks and make two diagonal cuts with a skill saw. Drill hole for rope with a hand drill to desired size. Sand wood until it is smooth and you feel no rough patches. I divided mine into three sections of colours using paint tape. Paint the larger sections first, you may need to apply two to three coats for a solid coverage. Once painted, carefully tape the number stencil to the wood and paint desired number sequence. Let dry before removing stencil. You may need to clean up the outer edges of the numbers when you remove the stencil if the paint seeped under the stencil. Place rope through hole and tie into a knot at the end – viola!

I hope this craft inspires you to be creative in your home – enjoy!

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